Other missions and Institutions
evolving from VRINDA

VRINDA is a branch of the Chaitanya tree. Connected to the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya, everything which is done in the service of this Sampradaya with purity of purpose is also connected to this wonderful tree, in the form of fruits and flowers of a particular branch, or in the form of other new branches. Thus many fruits and branches will come from the VRINDA branch as well, if Krishna wishes to bless us in that way. Here you will find a list of Institutions started by members of VRINDA. They are dedicated to particular fields which also relate and involve many other people or organisations both of the Vaisnava world as well as secular. Everything can be used in Krishnas service. As Srila Prabhupada taught us: Purity is the force.

Harmony School for Conscious Art
La escuela Harmonia de arte consciente
Die Harmonieschule der bewussten Kunst
Vegetarian Society
SEVA Servicio editorial Vaisnava Acaryas
ISEV Higher Institute for Vedic Studies
Sri Chaitanya Bhakti Gemeinschaft
Instituto Chileno de Autorealisation
Instituto de apoyo a la cultura Vedica