The Yoga of the Internet
The Tao of the Internet
The Dharma of the Internet
The Ten Commandments for
the Use of the Internet

The following recommendations are meant to serve the world and humanity by giving guidelines on how to properly use the World Wide Web.

  1. The WWW, along with everything else in this world, has come into existence by the grace of the infinite Lord and shall be properly used to further the right cause of love, peace and enlightenment of the whole world.

  2. The WWW is a place where the monopoly of information has come to an end. All ideas and presentations will have to pass the test of whether they contain any inherent goodness, wisdom or sincerity in the search for truth. Documents reflecting the inclination of their authors to further perpetrate injustice and exploitation against the earth, humans and animals, are disqualifying themselves in this unique information forum.

  3. Bad things have always existed everywhere, even without the WWW. Now is the first time in history that researchers can study, side by side, the thoughts of the oldest thinkers of this planet, with the latest scientific discovery, and the statistics of the evolving social phenomena. It is a unique opportunity to separate the weeds from the fruit bearing plant. To further that research, and to avoid wasting valuable time, here are some hints:
      - Start your research by questioning the final goal and motivation of any document.
      - Develop your own set of values as you progress.
      - Apply your power of discrimination. Whatever is good for all cannot be all bad.
      - Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
      - Inquire into the nature of the cause of suffering.
      - Inquire about the meaning of life in the present, its origin and what happens after death.
      - Inquire about immediate benefits and dangers, and their prospective contributions.
      - Progress by eliminating whatever disqualifies in your research, and accepting everything new, positive, and truly progressive you encounter.

  4. Think about praying to the Almighty, infinite controller of destiny. Call Him God, or Nature, or as your heart feels inclined to guide you through the unending space of Cyber information. Find the truly beneficial, all loving Truth. Don't waste this human form of life in exploitation of any kind, or indifference towards the sufferings of others.

    Let Love reign supreme and let the lovers of that Love be discovered for the benefit of all.

  5. Be ready to become part of the solution and relinquish connection with anything that causes the mistakes of humanity. Be ready to forgive and humbly share with others what you discover. Search the association with like-minded lovers of truth.

  6. Avoid all idle subjects on the WWW, or elsewhere, which serve no higher purpose.
    Avoid, to the utmost possibility, all violence and aggression against others. Avoid giving pain to others.
    Avoid harming yourself by intoxication of any kind. Avoid being victimized by sensual contemplation, envy and greed. Learn how to accept and tolerate what you cannot change, pray for the strength to lovingly oppose the unwanted things which you can change, and pray for the capacity to distinguish the two.

  7. Try to practise meditation like the mantra meditation of singing, thinking or reciting the Holy Names of God. This purifies and gives strength; as confirmed in all religious traditions. Prayer is another type of meditation.

  8. Consider universal brotherhood and sisterhood a divine principle. All prejudice against any human being or group is unacceptable when learning what real Love is.

  9. The two sexes have to learn how to lovingly complement each other, rather then fight over rights or try to exploit one another. In the infinite, Male and Female are both contained in perfection. Lust, which violates the intuition of Love, is an impediment to self-realization.

  10. Like a dangerous drug accessible to little children, the WWW gives access to many unwanted sites. This dangerous tool should be our inspiration to educate ourselves and our children to become responsible for our own choices. Think, hear, analyze and decide for the truth. It is not a luxury now. It is a necessity. If all human beings had access to trigger an atomic bomb, what would be left of this planet? The WWW gives us a new age of awareness like never before. Let us work hard to use it for the right cause.
    Let Love be with you.

You are invited to copy these commandments into your documents and print them as you like. If you feel that your Homepage also serves the above described purpose, feel free to list the URL of your Homepage here so that other searchers of the truth may be able to find you. Why call it the Yoga of the Internet?
Yoga is a word which means uniting with God. Becoming one with God, by relinquishing all separate interests from his divine will, is the perfection of Yoga. Many different kinds of yoga are taught in the Vedic scriptures. Among them are the following:

Concentration and self control of Hatha Yoga.
Pious activities, charity and responsible action as in Karma Yoga.
Analysis and elimination of the dual and impermanent as in the process of Jnana Yoga.
Rules of conduct and meditation as found in Raja Yoga.
Selfless service, prayer, and devotional practices of Bhakti Yoga.

All of these kinds of yoga find their application as we approach the Internet connected Cyberocean. To reach true happiness in life, the Vedic scriptures recommend using everything for the service of God. To serve the happiness of all is the happiness of God. In this respect, we would like to invite you to read the previous rules on how to practise yoga as you search for truth in the WWW.

This document is inspired by the teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Avatar for the present age of iron. Lord Chaitanya started to preach and distribute divine love and service to the infinite Truth about 500 years ago in Bengal, India.

This was written by Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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