Vegetarian Restaurants

VRINDA is promoting in any way possible the turn of humanity to a vegetarian diet. The Vegetarian society was started by VRINDA members in many countries. Part of our agenda is to show people how to eat delicious pure and karmafree spiritual food. That means food which will not bring negativ reactions to them in the future. If we offer our food to God, it will become Prasadam and purify us . Naturally we can only offer to Krishna pure vegetarian food, and it is suppost to be offered with love, in order to perfectly satisfy Krishna and ourselves as well.
VRINDAs Vegetarian Restaurants are mostly called Govindas and are famous for their good Vegetarian food. International travellers know to appreciate the possibility to eat pure food, anywhere they can find a Govindas restaurant. Look in our address list for the city you are going to visit and to find out if there is a Restaurant at your disposal.