VRINDA wants to share everything what we have received from our wellwishers with the whole world. That is the sole reason for our desire to communicate with the public in every possible way, be it on the Internet, in TV Talk shows, University classes, Radio programs, Publications, Congregational singing of the holy Names in the streets, literature distribution etc. etc.
VRINDA invites all sympathizers with our ideals to join in with any capacity or creativity you can imagine to try to uplift human consciousness and to let us all learn together how to love Krishna and to serve Him and all of His creation.
In this Section you will find examples of our sharing activities such as:

Hari Nam: The chanting of the Holy names in the streets of the world.
Special presentations made in the medias such as TV, magazins etc.
Nectar stories of VRINDAs contacts with the world.
VRINDAs Internet Questions and Answers both will post here all the Questions asked to us, answered by our spiritual master personally or by some of his close assistants.