Relief work

VRINDA offers relief to the world in many ways.
The 1. priority is to awaken the world from the ignorance of blind materialism. To teach them the wisdom of the Vedic sages, above all, that every person is creating his own destiny through his actions, which will bring him Karmic reactions in this life and/or in his future lifes.

The 2. priority of VRINDA is to help people to change their diet and to stop poluting the world by remaining tied to the modes of passion and ignorance. Rather coming to the mode of goodness, so that the people can get a clear vision how to get out of the material attachments to the bad habits etc., which keep them suffering again and again.

The 3. priority is to help people in every possible way to let them experience how Vaisnavas have a pure heart and are full of compassion for others. Giving out Vegetarian Prasadam as much as possible in their centers free of charge is one important part of that service.
VRINDA centers generally deliver 24 hours of daily service in counceling people in difficulties.
VRINDA centers are in essence educationally oriented, but if they have facilities they also cooperate with other organisations to distribute food to the poor, free medical advise and other help in emergency situations.

The 4. priority is to create facilities to house people who search for spiritual shelter in VRINDAs Ashrams. Such Ashrams are centers for meditation and study and have the great capacity of healing people from their anxieties. Such Ashrams have daily classes in Vedic sciences and many seminars on a regular basis for inmates as well as friends and students. Those Ashrams also try to provide facilities for their older Vaisnava members.