Final Version as Word document

Our Family
Gaudiya Math

A study of the expansion of
Gaudiya Vaisnavism
and the many branches
developing around the
Gaudiya Math.

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti

Published by
The Vrindavan Institute for Vaisnava Culture and Studies

VRINDA is a member of the Visva Vaisnava Raj Sabha - World Vaisnava Association.


Part I The Harmonist

Part II In Every Town and Village

Part III Vaisnava Relations

Part IV Attempting to Harmonize


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NOTE: Readers are encouraged to distribute information contained within this book in any way possible; duly citing the source.


This book was produced with the wonderful help of Pradyumna Prabhu, Kripa Ram Prabhu, Saranagati devi dasi, Gaurahari Prabhu, Sacimata devi dasi, Srinivas Acharya Prabhu, Ranga Puri Prabhu, Bhagavatamrta Prabhu, and Bhakti B. Vishnu Maharaj. Brajendra Nandana Prabhu sponsered the first english printing. I am eternally indebted to them.

This book is dedicated to
all Vaisnavas and to Bhakti Devi.
Bhakti Devi's wonderful plan to inundate
the whole world with the Holy Names
of Her Lord and Master
is our saving grace.

The holy sandals of Srila Prabhupad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur in Sri Vrajasvananda Sukhada Kunj, Sri Radha Kunda, are shown on the cover.
Srila Prabhupad appeared in this world to save the fallen and conditioned souls. As a chosen messenger of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he invigorated His sampradaya by introducing many novel preaching strategies which successfully faced the rapidly changing conditions of the people in this age of Kali.
He descended, along with some of his eternal associates, in order to fulfill the divine plan of the Lord.
Praying to his lotus feet we beg to be admitted in the realm of the servants of his servants, and be blessed by the mercy of all the Vaisnavas.
May his glories be spread all over the three worlds.

Dear readers
Please accept my dandavat pranams at your feet. Kindly try to follow these recommendations in order to get acquainted with the scope and spirit of this book.
1. Read it from beginning to end.
2. Forgive the author for any omissions or mistakes unwillingly committed.
3. Put all your doubts aside and agree to judge only after you have considered all the points presented herewith.
4. Try to find the answers to the doubts you have had about the Gaudiya Math and any of its branches.
5. Notice that this book was not written to diminish anybody, but rather to realistically glorify all Gaudiya Math branches.
6. Let us not spare any effort to harmonize the relationship amongst the vaisnavas in all the world.

This book has been compiled with the help of many Vaisnavas. Since many of them do not remember many historical details we have compiled the records as we could gather the information. Nevertheless, this is not a complete record and much more research has to be done to include any additional members or important events in the history of the Gaudiya Math and all of its branches.
We have also gathered more information on some missions than on others. The real purpose of this book, however, is to bring Vaisnavas from all over the world closer to each other; and this purpose can be served even if more people and events are to be added in future editions.
Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read this book which is an offering to your feet. I have no qualification to write about all the great souls mentioned in this book. For my own purification, I have accumulated all their Holy Names and researched some of the sociological aspects of our growing Vaisnava community.
It is my hope that this book may please you all.


Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti