Bhajana Kutir

Bhajana Kutir

Bhajana Kutir and library in Vrinda Kunja.

Open letter from Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaja in regard to the arson, which burned down the above Bhajan Kutir:

10 May 1998

Dear Devotees
Dandavats and blessings respectively.
I just recieved the news from Vrinda Kunja that our Library and Visitorquarters burned down. Most likely the fire was set by some envious person for no known reason. Due too the heat of the summer and the straw roof the fire spread quickly and practically destroyed the buildings. No people were hurt.
My dear Lord Krishna. Preaching your glories is our life and soul. I was proud of these nice ecological buildings and you do not like any pride. Even though we trusted you it was very dangerous to have the grass roofs hanging over too the street. I had been warned about it.
Please forgive us to give any trouble in your holy Dham. We will reconstruct the buildings in a way which will not burn. If anybody likes to help in that he can write to me.
I must say that I am kind of fanatic for the ecological buildings. But the Hurrican in Mayapur which distroyed the roof of the Prem Tol and now this fire is making me think again. We should make small constructions which are not in great danger or very valuable or we should construct solid not to waste time and Laksmi later.
My heart is feeling now, stronger then ever, that life is only meant to preach and talk about Krishna. Progree in any direction without Hari Katha every day is only waste of life and energy. We should live as easy as possible, but we should put all the emphazis on loving Krishna and talking about him. I talked lately too much about ecology and our constructionprojects. I do not want to change our priorities. First comes Krishna and his devotees. Just to cover the head we may construct some insignificant dwelling to facilitate Hari Katha. All glories to the trees and creepers of Vrindavan.

daso smi
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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